75 Ways to Make Paintball a household sport. Just kidding. Just one today.

Work Today: 1pm-11pm

It is officially the cold season in the Northeast. My house was down around the temperature of my cold showers. A little unpleasant! I was the butt of the jokes yesterday at work because my Wife shared with my coworkers that I’ve been sleeping with a blackout mask on and my mouth taped closed. Laugh it up! I feel like a superhero.

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76 Days Until the Combine – My Zoom is Broken!

Work Today: 1pm-11pm

Yesterday my son was sitting on my arm in some hilarious circumstance, and I guess my ZOOM HRV has not been tested for such a circumstance, because now it is broken =(. I shouldn’t be relying so much on data, or the acquisition of data, but I’ve grown attached to the device and it died. Such is the way of all things. So to fall out of this boat, punch a shark in the nose, and hop aboard another boat, I have decided not to replace the Zoom and instead upgrade to the device I would have gone with had I known about it at the time, which is the Oura Ring. Another downside is because of high demand, they tell me I might not receive it until the end of December! I hope that’s not the case, but I’m not going to let a piece of technology derail my efforts.

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77 Rhymes with 11. 11 weeks to go!

As you can tell, I’m grasping at straws with these titles. Straws Pulled At Random! BOOOO! (Meshuggah song)

Work Today: 12:30pm-10:30pm

Right now I’m reading Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, and it is a fantastic book about the past and present pursuit of Ecstasis, the Flow State. I can’t wait to start applying it!

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81 Days Remaining – World Cup Sunday!

Work Today: NO!

The Final day of the 2017 NXL World Cup just as exciting if not more than the previous days. Congratulations go to Edmonton Impact for winning back-to-back World Titles and Season Championships! HOWEVER, that does mean the 2018 season starts RIGHT NOW!

Day 7 of no coffee! I made it! I owe it all to my diet for not only surviving, but thriving without the stimulant.

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