79 More Days of No Beer or Wine

Yeah, corny.

Work Today: Yes 5am-3pm

Back on the horse today! Definitely noticing better overall energy levels, and better control over my Ghrelin.

Sleep Data –

Hot Shower The Night Before – No

Mouth Taped Closed – No

Magnesium Before Bed: Yes

Waking Pulse – 59 BPM

HRV Vscore (Recovery Score) – 85

HRV Vscore Workout Readiness – High

Manual HRV Vscan – 82

Weight – 168.2

Ketone Urinalysis: About 15 mg/dL


Workout Details: Back to business with a 50lb Ruck

Outside Air Temp – 40 degrees

Heart Rate Zones


Shower Temp – 66.6 degrees

Inversion Table: No

Qualia: No

Vitamin D3: No

Turmeric: No


Meal 1

Time: 5:30 AM

Food Consumed: Bulletproof Coffee Recipie

Meal 2

Time: 10:30 AM

Food: 3 Eggs over hard, 4 slices of Ham, 6 slices of turkey bacon

Meal 3

Time: 3 PM

Food: 2 turkey burger with garlic/herb seasoning, broccoli, green peppers, sauerkraut, butter, buffalo sauce, a banana

Meal 4

Time: 6 PM

Food: Spaghetti Squash with tomatoes, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese


Paintball Intel:

The Real Deal Podcast Episodes 073, 074, 075, 076, 077, 078

Paintball Rant: Semi-Auto needs to come back. Make the game about true gunfighting skills, not just keeping paint in the air. Give ramping to the 10 man crowd. Hell, let them shoot 25bps. But for the cream of the crop, make it hard as hell!


Biohacks used:



Brain Waves

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