85 Days Remain!

Day 3 of no Coffee, and it’s still going okay. I’m even more proud that I successfully dodged the Halloween candy draw. Even better, today is a day off from work, and I have plenty I’d like to get done today.

Nick Slowiak in an interview with Matty Marshall talks about how Mishka snap shoots differently than normal, thinking of “positive and negative”. Of course there’s nothing on the internet explaining what the hell he’s talking about, so I’m poring over games trying to see what he’s talking about.

Sleep Data –

Mouth Taped Closed – No

Hot Shower The Night Before – Yes

Magnesium Before Bed: Yes

Waking Pulse – 53 BPM

HRV Vscore (Recovery Score) – 72

HRV Vscore Workout Readiness – Medium

Manual HRV Vscan – 87

Weight – 168.2

Ketone Urinalysis: About 5 mg/dL


Workout Details: Just a jog with hypoxic Holds. Entirely on the toes to strengthen the proper running motions of Dorsi Flexion. A little faster pace today

Outside Air Temp – 40 degrees, no wind

Heart Rate Zones


Shower Temp – 65.8

Inversion Table: Yes

Qualia: No

Vitamin D3: No

Turmeric: Yes


Meal 1

Time: 12 PM – Yes you read that right

Food Consumed: 4 hot dogs, broccoli, asparagus, baby carrots, an apple, half an avocado, parsley and a smothering of Bulletproof Brain Octane

Meal 2

Time: 4 PM

Food: 1 Turkey Burger with cajun seasoning, 4 slices beef bologna, hot sauce, parsley, aparagus, broccoli, XCT oil, chopped walnuts

Meal 3



Meal 4



Meal 5




Paintball Intel:

Go Sports footage of Houston Heat at the 2017 Chicago Open

2011 Chicago PSP Pro Finals Dynasty vs Red Legion

Nick Slowiak’s footage of the 2017 World Cup being set up

Footage of various players practicing on the World Cup Layout

Paintball Rant:

Very interesting that the NXL decided to place the Pro Pits on the “Endzones”. I love the idea that the fans have a better chance to see what’s going on in there, because at the Atlantic City Open it was a mystery. There was an area for players that I was not allowed into as a spectator and I had no contact with the Pro Division players, with the exception of Alex Fraige, and a good number of X-Factor’s roster. The Pro’s should find time to spend 5 or 10 minutes to walk through the VIP area, just to see if anybody recognizes them. And even if they don’t, they could ask the fans what they think. I had to do this level of networking as a touring band, otherwise my band/brand wouldn’t be growing at all regardless of where we traveled. Remember the little people, guys!


Biohacks used:


Hypoxic Training


Brain Waves


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