92 Days and Nights Remain

Day off! Plenty of room for growth, and some good quality time to get it done. The baby napped for a while so I was able to get some dry marker practice in. Snap shot leaning, keeping the marker level while moving, right and left hand comfort.

I also received today a new piece of Biohacking gear – An Earthing Mat from the brilliant mind of Dr. Mercola. Read about the science behind it here.

Sleep Data –

Mouth Taped Closed – No

Waking Pulse – 50 BPM

HRV Vscore (Recovery Score) – 78

HRV Vscore Workout Readiness – High

Manual HRV Vscan – 82

Weight – 173.4 LBS

Ketone Urinalysis: About 3 mg/dL


Workout Details:

Regular warmup with intermittent breath holds, being mindful to try and stay between 80%-90% Blood-Oxygen Saturation then recovering

Dry (no equipment) Snap Shooting movement drill – mouth duct taped closed to remove it from the workout.

Move Right through agility ladder with breath held, standing snap shooting leans – first right for 10 reps, exhaling on the lean itself to relieve pressure on the lungs, then 10 reps to the left. Move Left through agility ladder with breath held, 10 reps left and right standing snapshot leans. Then for the second half of the set, repeat the same movements, but sub for kneeling snapshot leans instead of standing. Revolutions of 1 set standing and 1 set kneeling equals 1 full set. 3 full sets complete!

Outside Air Temp – 59 degrees – no wind

Heart Rate Zones


Shower Temp – 69.1 degrees

Inversion Table: Yes

Qualia: Yes

Vitamin D3: Yes

Magnesium Before Bed: Yes


Meal 1

Time: 8 AM

Food Consumed: The BulletProof Coffee Recipe

Meal 2

Time: 12 PM

Food: 2 Turkey Burgers seasoned with organic veggie seasoning (ton of good stuff in there) with white american cheese, 1 avocado, broccoli, asparagus, baby carrots, an apple, a banana, and some Red’s hot sauce.

Meal 3

Time: 4 PM

Food: 3 Cabbage Rolls, an apple, 1 slice of potato BREAD with peanut butter

Meal 4

Time: 7 PB

Food: 4 hot dogs, 2 apples

Meal 5




Paintball Intel:

GunzUp.com – NXL World Cup 2017 Layout

Watching Edmonton Impact’s practice footage and observing why they choose certain bunkers. It is tremendously useful to be able to pause the footage and look on GunzUp to see what angles they have from where they are. Really expands field awareness!

Starting to figure out the Snake. Really all you need to do is get in there and you can ruin the other team’s time. There are some great shots to clear out the backfield, and assuming anyone else on the team is alive, they can clean up. Or maybe you’re the clean up guy!

GoSports footage of 2017 Chicago Semi-Pro Finals

The Real Deal Podcast – #039, 04

Paintball Rant:

I wonder at what capacity I can help paintball grow in my life. Can I play for a team? Can I one day own a team, or work with a field to help grow the sport. Rich Telford said in 2013 that his goal was to make Splatmasters available for kids to play with at every field in America. I’d love to know if he’s still pursuing this goal, and how far has he been able to move the needle on it. Personally, I love the idea of using low-impact paintball to promote the sport as a whole. Most guys who play picked it up when they were young and got hooked, and stayed with it. If we can keep that going widespread, what can we accomplish?


Biohacks used:


Hypoxic Training

Inversion Therapy

NeuroMiner Training

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