Sent From the Year 9595

Today I am very well rested and off from work! Sundays are a day to spend with the family so I can’t be too selfish with googly eyeing, but I can still get some good training and insight in. I also picked up a Pulse Oximeter, which will take a reading off my finger of my pulse and blood-oxygen saturation. This should give me some great insight into my blood-oxygen content when I’m doing the High-Altitude Simulation and Hypoxic work. I am also going to work in some fasting today. If I don’t count the Bulletproof Coffee recipe as food, and I eat around 6 PM today, I will have completed a 23 hour fast, which is great for keeping my brain and body in line. Modern history excluded, food is not a guarantee or easy to come by. I’m also training myself to deal with my Ghrelin/hunger hormone.

Sleep Data

This chart is only slightly inaccurate today, because I fell asleep with the baby from 7:30 to around 9 and my Zoom was on the charger.

Mouth Taped Closed – No

Waking Pulse – 49 BPM

HRV Vscore (Recovery Score) – 91

HRV Vscore Workout Readiness – High

Manual HRV Vscan – 87

Weight – 169.8 LBS

Ketone Urinalysis: About 8 mg/dL


Workout Details: Usual warmup with breath holds, really pushing myself with a lot of them. Main exercise – Varying distance Breath Hold sprints. 4 distances varying up to about 50 meters, let’s call them A,B,C, and D. Sprint at 75% max to A (the closest) with breath held, walk back with breathing, go through agility ladder forward and backward, both with breath held and stopping to breathe before changing direction. Then, sprint to B at 75% and continue the same routine finishing at D and doing the agility ladder. Then, repeat the entire process with 100% sprints.

Had to cut off max speed a few meters shy of D because my right Quadriceps or Sartorious muscle was signaling to me that they were not interested in playing anymore. Very interesting to see that my Heart Rates never hit the Aerobic or Anaerobic levels even though I was constantly doing breath holds. I guess my mind and body are starting to be conditioned by this kind of work and I’m getting used to it! Sweet.

Outside Air Temp – 46 degrees

Heart Rate Zones


Shower Temp – 71.6 degrees

Inversion Table: No

Qualia: Yes

Vitamin D3: Yes

Magnesium Before Bed: Yes


Meal 1

Time: 9:30 AM

Food Consumed: The BulletProof Coffee Recipe

Meal 2

My awesome father-in-law is treating us to dinner for me and my son’s birthday!

Time: 6 PM

Food: 3 biscuits (bad boy!) garden salad with ranch dressing, 12oz strip steak with asparagus and green beans, unsweetened iced tea with lemon

Meal 3



Meal 4



Meal 5




Paintball Intel: – NXL World Cup 2017 Layout

The God Bunker (it’s not the snake insert this time, but it is the temple on the snake side) looks like its going to be a cluster-f*** when actually looking down the snake side, but I believe its primary function is going to be to sit cross and keep the other team either A – out of moving from D2 to D3 (D3 looks like it is the deadliest bunker on this layout) or B – out of your own side of the field coming around the Wall. There’s way too many shots coming in on you from the Snake side to risk sticking your body out at all over there. You can also put paint in on anybody in D2 from the inside, but if you commit to that and they take off for D3 you’re probably not going to adjust in time, and then they’ll be making you very uncomforable.

There’s so many bunkers on the Snake side it’s mind-boggling! It’s going to take me a few days to get used to looking at it and really dial in the angles.

Paintball Rant:

Every day I think about playing against the Pro’s. It starts with fear of course, because it can be intimidating. I’ve been watching Ryan Greenspan play since I was 11. That’s 16 years ago! He’s been playing at the top level the entire time. How am I ever going to shoot him? The nice thing about mental tools is being able to harness that energy and turn it into I’m going to shoot him because I have to, because I’ve been watching him play the entire time, and I know what he is capable of. The Native Americans believed that there were two wolves within all of us – Courage and Fear. If I feed the Courage wolf and keep the Fear wolf in check, how can I fail?


Biohacks used:




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