Principle 3 – Supplementation

You should make every attempt to get all of the micro and macronutrients from real food, staying away from engineered products, for the sole reason that we made it for thousands of years with that logic. Sure, there hasn’t been a double-blind study on it, but I trust what got us here.

The modern diet, however, has been tainted with. As a result, we need to fortify ourselves with vitamins and minerals from outside sources. Here’s what I like to use:

Nootropics: This is definitely the most important supplementation I have ever discovered. A Nootropic is essentially a “Smart Drug”, but without being a drug. Nootropics are natural, in the sense that they come from natural sources. I have experimented with two, and I have noticed a giant leap in my cognition with both. I started off with a product called Alpha Brain from Onnit, which I discovered from constantly hearing about it on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Alpha Brain sold me on the claim that it reduced Free Radicals in the brain, and would clear up mental fog. I absolutely experienced this result when I used it, I genuinely noticed a difference in my cognitive ability, and when I wasn’t taking it anymore I definitely missed it. I recommend it to any paintball player to make their brain run at a higher RPM – you won’t regret it!

Presently, I use a Nootropic called Qualia, from The Neurohacker Collective. After hearing about it constantly on Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind Podcast, and listening to an interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger the head of R&D at Neurohacker, I took a leap of faith and tried it out. I have to admit it wasn’t a total leap of faith, I knew it was going to work because of the rigorous research involved. The result is beyond words. I feel like my brain runs at light speed, and because my brain is able to work faster and clearer than it ever has, I have loads of confidence. I have no doubt that this entire Paintball Combine experiment is born from the clarity I enjoy with Qualia. If your brain is arguably the most important resource on the paintball field, then every professional paintball player should be using Qualia.

Magnesium: This supplement is suggested to improve the quality of your sleep. Sleep is vitally important to every human being, especially athletes. The modern diet apparently used to provide enough Magnesium, but now it is woefully underserved, so I supplement with it right before I go to sleep, and I absolutely feel more well rested after sleeping.

Vitamin D3: I’ll be honest, the Sun and I aren’t very good friends. I have tremendous respect and appreciation for, you know, the fact that it lets us hang out nearby and exist in its glow, but my heritage grants me fair skin and I burn pretty well after exposure to sunlight. The downside to this avoidance of the EZ bake oven lightbulb is my body lacks enough Vitamin D3 converted from my skin. To combat this, I take a Vitamin D3 supplement. This Vitamin helps with sleep, and can also help control pain and inflammation.


Pay attention to your body. Give it what it needs! Not too much, not too little.


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