99 Days Remain Until The Paintball Combine

Today I’m off from work, so I can get some good skill building for the Combine in!

Sleep Data

Waking Pulse – 50 BPM

HRV Vscore (Recovery Score) – 80

HRV Vscore Workout Readiness – High

Manual HRV Vscan – 79

Weight – 171.0 lbs


Workout Details: Warm up with 1.75 milk walk/run/walk with Intermittent Breath Holds, which explains the early HR spike. Workout today was 5 reps left and right on an agility ladder, holding the breath when moving through the ladder. Then a box sprint with breath holds – 75% sprint to  the cone in front anaerobically, jog backward to opposite corner aerobically, sprint forward anaerobic, jog backward to opposite corner aerobic. Done as sets of 3,2, then 1 with breaks to restore breathing between sets.

Outside Air Temp – 44.2 degrees with gentle breeze.

Heart Rate Zones


Later on in the day, I was able to get some dry time on the marker, so I practiced switching hands super slow, and then did a little slow walking with trigger work working on keeping the marker as still as possible – as slow as possible so my brain can soak up proper form, and to not have any crappy habits show up in January.



Shower Temp – Unknown! Battery died! But it was probably very close to yesterday because of the outside temp.

Ketone Urinalysis: About 25 mg/dL

Inversion Table: Yes – 10 minutes

Qualia: Yes

Vitamin D3: Yes

Magnesium: Yes


Meal 1

Time: 8:30 AM

Food Consumed: Bulletproof Coffee with 1.5 capful of Brain Octane, 1.5 tbsp unsalted grass-fed butter.

Meal 2

Time: 1:30PM

Food: 1 Turkey Burger, 1 slice white american cheese, some baby carrots, 1/2 a cucumber, 5oz broccoli, asparagus, Himalayan Pink Salt

Meal 3

Time: 6:30 PM

Food: 4 hot dogs (no buns!), asparagus, red/yellow/orange peppers, cucumber, a little bit of chili garlic sauce

Meal 4

Time: N/A

Food: None


Paintball Intel:

GoSports Footage – First Look with TJ Danner

Love to hear TJ is a yoga enthusiast – Flexibility is huge in paintball! Love the breakdown of the AC Dallas games. I don’t give them enough credit because they play super slow, so to hear the mindset explained totally breaks that paradigm. They actually play super smart! TJ has a brilliant mind and is extremely analytical – a professional paintball player if I’ve ever heard one.

Today the NXL World Cup Layout was released. My first impression is I love it. There’s an actual snake, the wall is offset (which is closer to being off the field altogether!) and there is no Dorito Corner to hide in. I would have loved to have seen the Snake Corner absent also, but I don’t make the layouts. Very interesting to see that the main way into the snake just a tiny cake, and once you get there it gets even weirder – what is with the miniwall and a snake piece set up ass backward? If you don’t have a snake corner to compete against it does let you into the main arm of the snake pretty easily. It also looks like taking the snake is pretty easy off the break if you don’t get hit by the first ball from somebody trying to keep you out. Of course, I could be completely wrong. We’ll see when we look at it from the ground level.


The Real Deal Podcast – Episodes 014, 015, 016, The Hot Seat #01

Paintball Rant:

I would love to see a paintball practice with everyones mouths taped shut. If you want to teach people the importance of communication, take their mouths away and leave them with only hand signals and their intuition. As a variation, tape only one or two guys mouths closed. Remember when there was a rumor that the Russians were using radios? I feel like we could get another team accused of that with enough silence training.

There is so much content available on what do to on the paintball field, and not nearly enough on what to do OFF the field. Hence how I got here!


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