When are you going to get to the Biohacking part? Disclaimer

Right about….


So how do Biohacking and Paintball come together? Certainly not because I said so. I will be utilizing the following skills, techniques, and subjects:

  • Breathing –  Breathing to me is the most important topic that is pretty much ignored in paintball. Breathing is awesome! You literally can’t live without it. You can live far longer without food and water, but without oxygen and CO2 exchange happening for more than a few minutes, your time in this world is over. Making a concious effort to control and be mindful of my breathing for the past few years has made the most dramatic improvements on my life, and I am thrilled to share what I’ve learned with paintball players. You may think you are good at breathing, but I challenge you to think for a second that you suck at it, and you have tremendous room for improvement in this area.
  • Nutrition – Nutrition is the second most important subject we can discuss. Everyone knows they need to watch and be mindful of what they eat, but so few of us pay it proper attention. If we want to become Professional Paintball players, we need to take this area painfully seriously. Anyone can win on any given Sunday, but those who fuel their body properly and minimize the garbage are truly stacking the deck in their favor and giving themselves the absolute best chance to succeed.
  • Supplements – The diet needs help, as it is very difficult to get all of the micro and macro nutrients the body needs from food alone. Our bodies need to be in tip-top shape to win, and our brains need to be as sharp as possible. Proper supplementation is crucial to our physiological and cognitive function.
  • Biohacks – Biohacks focus on improving our performance on a cellular and neurological level. Did you learn in school what Mitochondria are? Did you know that there are more Bacteria in your Microbiome than there are Human Cells in your body by a longshot, and they need to be treated as teammates? Have you heard that your brain peaks its growth somewhere in your twenties, and slowly degrades for the rest of your life? Have you also heard that this is completely untrue, and you can create new neurons and synapes at will? Your brain is one of your most important weapons on the paintball field, and we need to maximize its potential.
  • Exercise – Paintball is definitely more Mental than Physical, but if we want to play Professionally, we need to be in the best shape of our lives, be free of injuries and fatigue, and have loads of potential energy at our disposal at any moment. We need to be nimble, flexible, and relaxed to survive the next point, the next match, the next season.
  • Meditation – The biggest tool you possess on your person at this very moment is your mind. You can use it to your advantage, or let it destroy you! We will explore the power of Visualization practice and Mental Rehearsal, and use them to train our Intuition and our physical selves without ever leaving home. The only resource it costs is time.

Before we begin the details of these subjects, please observe the following disclaimer:

I do not claim my ideas to be original, however, the application of this knowledge to paintball may in fact be unique. Please consult your Health Practicioner before attempting any of the things I share with you. I haven’t seen a doctor in ten to fifteen years, but you should. If your body and mind cannot handle something, take the time to figure out and acknowledge why. Know your limits! I cite many sources that my knowledge has come from, and none of these individuals were contacted, consulted, or are aware of any references Imay make to their services, companies, or methods.I encourage you to do your own research, but feel free to use this site as a launch point!

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