Principle 2 – Nutrition

Diet. Yes, I said the D word. DIET. There I said it again!

For the longevity of our mind and body both inside the net and out, we need to observe some important aspects of nutrition

Fuel properly and reduce inflammation

For proper explaination of my Nutritional Principles, read This Book

My diet of choice is a cross between Ketogenic and the Bulletproof Diet, which are High Fat, Low Carbohydrate diets. I will be adding a few more Carbs to keep up with my energy expenditure, but I have experienced fantastic results on this path.

When I got married, I was 210 pounds, more than I have ever weighed. If I want to conquer the Combine, I can’t take all that baggage with me. My weight at the time of this writing is 173 pounds, and I feel fantastic. I am a lean mean fighting machine, and I have significantly increased my energy levels through proper fueling.

Some important aspects I will be observing on my way to the Combine:

  • No sugar. Not in coffee, beverages, anything and anywhere I can avoid it. If I’m taking in sugar, it is only in the context of what I am eating, but all of the high sugar items are completely eliminated. As a result of this and my diet, my insulin sensitivity has increased dramatically, meaning my body produces the proper amount of insulin when it needs to, as opposed to just guessing!
  • No bread. Well, almost. Bread has the nutritional value of cotton candy – all you are going to get is an insulin spike! I will have eaten less than one loaf of bread (potato bread) in all 18 weeks preparing for the Combine
  • No soda or energy drinks. These are caustic. I used to not be able to show up to work without a heavy metal Monster Energy Drink. If I had a sip of one today I could probably run straight through a wall.
  • No alcohol. An athlete will not improve by consuming Alcohol, unless it is a glass of wine, and I don’t know enough about wine to partake in that venture. All it takes is self control, and I love to believe that I am in control on this one.

Extended carbohydrate restriction puts your body in a state of Ketosis, where your primary fuel source switches from sugar and carbohydrates to fat and ketones. This can also be achieved through intermittent fasting, which I also like to have at my disposal. Having the body switch fuel sources back and forth keeps it on its toes (so to speak) and promotes a healthy microbiome.

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