About Me

I suppose a brief history of my journey is in order.

I was named after the legendary King Arthur, not the Aardvark. I am the son of two delightfully humorous and intelligent human beings. My mother, who was a 25 year army veteran from Mississippi and a wonderful woman, and my father, who is a career account manager from Illinois and who has the greatest sense of humor.

My life has known two deep passions – music and paintball. I have toured the country and played hundreds of shows for thousands of people in a death metal band. I speak English, Russian, Polish, and Spanish. And a little Arabic too. I have a deep love for learning, and I love the Earth I walk upon. I used to pray for my own death; now I embrace life as fully as anyone I know.

This is me, my wife, and my kids. My daughter attended her first paintball tournament at 2 weeks old!

I am presently employed as Assistant General Manager of a nationally franchised family restaurant. I work 50 hours a week handling $1.7 million in annual sales, and I am trained to run a ruthless operation with impossible goals, but I lead with a smile and love of laughter.

I am an avid reader. My favorite titles include:

-The Way Of the Seal by Retired Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine

-Head Strong by Dave Asprey

-Team of Teams by Retired Commander of JSOC General Stanley McChrystal

-The Mission, The Men, and Me by Retired Delta Force Commander Pete Blaber

-Delta Force by Delta Force’s Founder and creator Colonel Charles Beckwith

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