Welcome! 102 Days Until The Combine

Hello and welcome! My name is Arthur, and I shall serve as the keyboard warrior of this establishment. This site has been created to document my journey to the Paintball Combine in Kissimmee, FL presented by Boston Paintball and the NXL. The challenge I have imposed upon myself is as follows:

I have given myself 127 days (about 18 weeks) to prepare myself in mind, body, and spirit to test my might at the Paintball Combine on January 26th, 2018. The Combine offers paintball players a unique opportunity to get hands-on coaching from some of the best professional paintball players in the National Xball League, as well as scouting opportunities from teams who are looking for new talent. Players from the Combine will be ranked by the coaches and staff, and the possibility exists for someone to get recruited to play for a professional paintball team! The maximum number of Combine players possible is 120, so if one player gets picked up, that gives all participants about eight-tenths-of-a-percent chance to land a spot. Because the possibility exists at all – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

At first I intended to make a YouTube video series to document my journey, but after fumbling around with iMovie for iPhone and only having a slight amount of success, it seems to me that a blog will serve me better. I have played guitar in front of thousands of people all over the United States, but somehow the natural flow of delivering speech both scripted and unscripted to a camera has eluded me (maybe it’s because I can’t headbang while I’m doing it!).

So how do I intend to accomplish this seemingly impossible task? By utilizing everything I have learned about Human Performance and Biohacking to give myself the best chance of success. In the posts to come I will share with you my methods and techniques that I believe will help paintball players take their game and their lives to the next level.

I have been documenting my journey for about four weeks now, working out the kinks in my daily routines, but starting with 100 days to go I will be offering publicly the following:

—Daily Metrics – Including a Daily Weigh-In, a morning Resting Pulse, a morning Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment, a Sleep Analysis inluding a quality assessment of my sleep from the night before as well as a graph of my Sleep Stages.

—Daily Workout Evolution – To include Sprint, Strength, and Active Rest Workouts, as well as incorporation of Hypoxic training and High-Altitude Simulation. I will be providing a visual analysis of my workout including heart rate zone assessments – Resting, Recovery, Active, Endurance, Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Power, and Max Heart Rate achieved for each session.

—Daily Paintball Intelligence – Every day I will need to take in something to expand my paintball knowledge, including watching GoSports Webcast footage of present and past events, analysis of a previous tournament’s field layout, watching YouTube footage of Professional Paintball Games and Pros giving away their tips and techniques, listening to Podcasts like The Real Deal from Matty Marshall, The Playing On Podcast from Carl Markowski, and The Paintball Podcast from Mike Zapantis, and well, anything else Paintball related that might help give me an edge at the Combine. This will also include any drills or

—Daily Dietary Intake – Crucial to any Professional Athlete’s training regimen is the D word – Diet. It is arguably the hardest to maintain control of, and I don’t know if modern Pro Players take this as seriously as they should, if at all. I will be following aspects of the Ketogenic Diet and the Bulletproof Diet, and logging what I’m eating and drinking throughout the day.

So every day I will be providing both relevent and irrelevent information – whatever comes to mind! My hope is that both you and I will learn something from this experience. Here we go!

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